How to get the best out of unsharp mask in PhotoShop

Are you confused by sharpening in PhotoShop? What values should I put in for Amount, Radius and Threshold in UnSharp Mask.What do these terms mean?

Our colleague John MacLulich of Pure Colours Digital Imaging (a man of immense experience in the world of colour) has prepared an article is on how best to sharpen images in PhotoShop that explains these and many other aspects of sharpening images in PhotoShop.  It covers sharpening at three stages:

  • Input Sharpening or Capture Sharpening
  • Creative Sharpening or Selective Sharpening
  • Output Sharpening

It also covers unsharp mask in detail.

This article assumes an intermediate to advanced level of Photoshop ability, but if you consider your knowledge is more basic, then please don’t be put off reading it — you will gain a better understanding of PhotoShop if you do.

Click here for the article on sharpening in PhotoShop.

He has also written an article on how to adjust images in PhotoShop in order to achieve the best possible results on uncoated paper — anything from newsprint, to bond, recycled, earthy look, and expensive premium uncoated papers. John explains how the correct use of colour profiles is the key to success here so that when you convert from RGB to CYMK, the result closely matches how the final printed material will look.