How to get the best out of unsharp mask in PhotoShop

Are you confused by sharpening in PhotoShop? What values should I put in for Amount, Radius and Threshold in UnSharp Mask.What do these terms mean? Our colleague John MacLulich of Pure Colours Digital Imaging (a man of immense experience in the world of colour) has prepared an article is on how best to sharpen images in […]

Confused by ‘colour profiles’ in PhotoShop?

Do your eyes glaze over when confronted with the need to choose colour profiles in PhotoShop? Our colleague John MacLulich of Pure Colours Digital Imaging (a man of immense experience in the world of colour) has prepared an article for us designed to take the mystery our of this issues. The article is about how […]

New Kainos Print Design Portfolio

For over fifteen years, we at Kainos Print have used the services of just one designer. He is Dragan Djuric, who lives in the former Yugoslav area of Europe. Dragan has always well and truly exceeded our expectations. He understands a brief well, he works fast, he doesn’t allow his ego to get in his […]

Important new information for self-publishers

If you are self-publishing a book then you should be aware of some new developments around ISBNs and Cataloguing in Publication entries. Thorpe-Bowker, the organisation that supplies ISBNs (International Standard Book Numbers), which all books should have, is now issuing a regular newsletter, designed to help the rapidly growing army of people who are choosing to […]

PhotoShop tips and tricks

As a member of Adobe’s ‘service provider’ programme, we receive regular emails with helpful trip and tricks, amongst other things. This morning I received a particularly helpful email with a number of tips and tricks I was only vaguely aware of, or not aware of at all, in PhotoShop. Tips include dealing with distortions in […]

Greenpeace pressures Spanish bank to withdraw funding for Indonesian paper mill accused of deforestation

Bank turns its back on April The fourth-biggest lender to Asia Pacific Resources International has cut off the giant paper manufacturer’s line of credit, citing destruction of Indonesian rainforests as the reason. Spanish-based bank Santander says it has decided to ‘not renew the current funding to April, and will not be extending further funding at […]

And then there were none . . . paper manufacturing in Australia in danger of ceasing altogether

The following article appeared in the ProPrint daily newsletter on 26th February 2015. The article warns that unless things improve, we may soon have no paper manufacturing plant in Australia. Australian Paper says unless it lifts performance, and soon, the business may not survive, following four straight years of losses. Chief operating officer Peter Williams […]

Ipex not ‘dead’ says exhibition owner Informa.

“Ipex is not dead and Informa has every intention of running it again and is committed to working with the industry to ensure the next Ipex is both relevant and successful.” – Peter Hall, Managing Director Informa Exhibitions. Following the trade-show turmoil created by drupa’s announcement that it will switch to a three-year frequency cycle, Peter […]