New design portfolio on Kainos Print web site

Our wonderful designer, Dragan Djuric, has created a new design portfolio for us, utilising work he has created for us over the last six and a half years, and incorporating other work he has done.

The portfolio is very extensive and covers a wide variety of products. It consists of a moving ribbon of images down the bottom of the portfolio. If you move your cursor to the right, the images move along fast. Move the cursor to the left, and the images move backwards quickly. Keep the cursor in the middle and the action is slow, enabling you to easily make a choice, click on the choice, and see the larger image.

Dragan’s design prices are extremely reasonable. They are listed on the second page of the portfolio. One of his greatest assets is that he understands a brief very well, and does not insert his own ego into the design!

Check out his portfolio by clicking here.