“I’ve got this great idea for a book . . . but I don’t have the time.”

Just get on with it. As one writer observes “Writing is the only profession I can think of that requires no license, no certificate, no special training, and no special tools. Anyone who wants to can be a writer. All you have to do is write.” And he adds “Here’s my theory about the New York Times bestseller list: the most successful writers aren’t the most talented. They’re the most stubborn.” Joseph Finder (who wrote these observations) has some excellent tips about developing that stubbornness. You can find them here.

So what should you write about? Here are some ideas from the hundreds of books Kainos Print has been privileged to be involved with.

We have seen a great many family history books pass through our system in very small print runs — some as small as ten copies — that deserve a much bigger circulation because they deal with a period of history the witnesses to which are rapidly dying off. They are invariably beautifully written and contain dozens of unique photos of historical value. Don’t think for a moment that your family history is only of interest to your family! And they are, of course, always self published.

Perhaps you have been in the one career for decades, and have a huge amount of knowledge and expertise in the your field which you most likely take for granted. Whether you realise it or no, you are an expert. Write a book distilling your experience and expertise. When you do his, you become an expert and an authority in your field.

Marketing gurus such as Perry Marshall (acknowledged as the leading Google AdWords expert in the world), and our own customer, John Dwyer of “the Institute of WOW” both encourage their clients to write books to stand our from the crowd and achieve the status of expert. People will pay to access your expertise. There’s nothing like a book you have written to establish your authority and promote your career.

Are you a story teller? Perhaps then you have a novel in you, or a children’s book. Are you an artist, or a photographer? Consider publishing a book of your works.

Self publishing makes it easy to print a small quantity to test the market, and to develop your marketing skills without breaking the bank.