The first project of the day (or how to work ON the business rather than IN the business)

Five years ago I sent out a newsletter with what has turned out to be the most helpful of all the ‘how to’ business tips I have ever found. I could not write blogs, newsletters, work on our web site and so on without having taken the advice below to heart and gradually, slowly, learnt […]

Avoid looking stupid when self publishing: don’t make common grammatical and usage errors

Avoid some of the more common mistakes, and make your work read more professionally. Here are some examples. When referring to a decade, don’t use an apostrophe as in 90’s, use ’90s. Use hyphens as dashes to hyphenate words (in-between), en rules between numbers (100–200) and em rules between words (different files — for instance). […]

Bad email habits you need to break

I came across this excellent, down to earth article this morning on PrintPlanet, one of the regular email newsletters I receive each day. I reckon it has some useful suggestions, so I quote it below in full. I hope you find it helpful. The author, Armya Inc, from Toronto, Canada, observes that whilst there is […]

When worlds collide — a call to overhaul the National Print Awards

This year, at the four yearly PacPrint printing trade show (held in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre), it was obvious that digital printing is well on the way to taking a huge chunk of offset printing’s traditional market — see my blog on the subject. The National Print Awards were held in conjunction with PacPrint on Friday […]

PacPrint13 — the week that changed the printing industry forever

PacPrint13, held in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (“Jeff’s Shed”) towards the end of May this year, showcased a “dizzying array of new high-tech digital” equipment, providing visitors with an unequivocal indication of where the printing industry is headed. PacPrint is held every four years, and four years ago, the floor throbbed with the incessant beat […]

The demise of GEON (or a eye-opener on private equity)

The largest offset sheet-fed printer in the Australasian region, Geon, has gone. Geon was an ambitious project to reshape the printing industry, but after six years (one correspondent says eight years), under private equity management, Geon has finally collapsed. When the company started operating, it bought up a considerable number of successful and respected printing […]

Do typos matter?

Here’s an article that’s been sitting in my in tray for a while. It is a timely call to pay attention to detail in our written communications. In an age of tiny keyboards and emoticons, you may think typos don’t matter. Not so, according to someone who’s been addressed as Mr. Renay Seagull. In the […]

Catalogues drive sales ‘up to 40%’ to prove print is still king

We reported in a recent blog that following the world’s biggest printing trade fair, Drupa which has just finished in Germany, the Australian printing industry is very negative, and talking itself down, whilst elsewhere in the world, the printing industry in buoyant and powering ahead. The article below, which first appeared in ProPrint’s daily newsletter […]

Interview with Benny Landa — detailed explanation of the revolutionary new Nanography printing method

Here is an excellent and very revealing interview with Benny Landa, on his truly revolutionary new digital printing technology. The interview provides more detail on the new technology than anything else I have been able to find. This interview first appeared in the UK edition of the PrintWeek daily trade newsletter just before Drupa 2012 […]

Revolutionary new printing technology unveiled at Drupa

Drupa, the world’s biggest printing industry trade fair, held every four years in Dusseldorf, Germany, wraps up today (17/5/12). One exhibitor, Landa Corporation, proved to be the epicentre of the fair, and a constant scene of frenzied interest. The head of Landa Corporation is Benny Landa, an Israeli, who has been described as the Steve […]