The beginning of the end of printed mail . . . ?

Rivals Salmat and Computershare have stolen a march on Australia Post by jointly launching a “digital letterbox” venture that could replace printed mail. The transactional print and communications giants have launched their first-ever joint venture by joining with US developer Zumbox to createDigital Post Australia (DPA), a “communication delivery service that will provide a free, secure […]

The best performed company in the USA over the past 25 years is . . . ?

I discovered this fascinating report in the print industry newsletter “What They Think” today. It makes the point that the best performed company, measured by stock market success, in the USA over the last 25 years is NOT Apple, not Microsoft or any other high flying hi-tech company. It is a company that markets unspectacular […]

How to turn your printing project into a disaster!

The following article was published in 2011 by Trish Witkowski, of Although written from the point of view of incorporating folding concepts in direct-mail campaigns, it contains some sound, solid advice about undertaking any printing project. The article was drawn to my attention by John MacLulich of Pure Colours Digital Printing, with whom we […]

HP unveils B2 sheetfed Indigo as part of Drupa product line-up

HP has unveiled what it claims is its “most significant step” in accelerating the migration from analogue to digital printing with the launch of a B2 sheetfed digital press, the HP Indigo 10000. Capable of printing up to seven-colours, the Indigo 10000 is a 75x53cm press that can reach speeds of 3,450 sheets per hour in simplex […]

Proof that personalisation works

Ar article appeared today in the US based print newsletter “WhatTheyThink?” by Heidi Tolliver-Walker about personalisation. Personalisation takes advantage of the ability of digitally printed products to make every copy of a document different. On our web sie, we describe personalisation thus. “One of the characteristics of digital printing that sets it apart from conventional […]

There’s only one media that can stop the rot — paper!!!

This article appeared in today’s ProPrint email newsletter. It is by Frank Romano, professor emeritus at the Rochester Institute of Technology and widely recognised as a leading “guru” in the print industry. “Along with the other article I have just posted “Don’t write off print media just yet”, it warns against too quickly predicting the demise […]

Don’t write off print media just yet

The following quotation comes from an article that appeared today (Tuesday March 13th 2012) in the excellent print newsletter, ProPrint. It serves as an encouragement to those of us involved in print, and a warning to those who think print is dead thanks to iPhones, iPads, blogging, FaceBook, Twitter etc. “Every new channel is meant […]