Environmentally Friendly Printing: Is recycled paper the greenest choice for printing?

This is the second in a series of articles under the general heading of “Printing companies take their environmental responsibilities seriously“. Industry guru Phil Lawrence asserts “It’s taken as a given that recycled paper is the greener choice, but there’s a carbon consideration to look at”. When the printing industry or its customers want to […]

What margins should my book have?

This morning, I was asked the following question by a customer: “I am putting headings on each page — how far from the top of the page should I come down?” This customer’s book will be A4 (297 x 210 mm). This is a very common query from our book printing customers. Here’s how I […]

Printing companies take their environmental responsibilities seriously (part 1)

Accusing the printing industry of environmental vandalism is a popular pastime. The truth is that few industries can match the printing industry’s environmental record. I intend to post a number of blogs over the next couple of weeks detailing the industry’s record, and raising a few issues the critics of the industry might not have […]