Kainos Print book wins gold medal at National Print Awards

KainosPrint is proud to announce that our customer, John Dwyer’s book, “The WOW Manifesto” was awarded the highly sought after and prestigious gold medal in the “Small Printing Business with less than 15 Staff” category, at the National Print Awards on Friday 24th May at the 2013 National Print Awards Dinner, held at the Palladium Ballroom in the Crown Entertainment Complex, Southbank, Melbourne. John’s book represents the epitome of book printing craft

John asked us to produce a book that embodied his WOW philosophy.

His designer, Gregg Carson, spent an incredible amount of time and effort to bring John’s vision of “WOW” to reality, using specially created graphics and customised images, as well as a huge number of photos and illustrations.

The book was entered in the NSW Print Awards in November 2012, and won the gold medal in the category of “Small Printing Business with less than 15 Staff” which recognised the overall standard of excellence and the group effort required to produce the printed piece. The book was automatically entered in the National Print Awards.

We produced the stunning cover by combining a variety of techniques.

  • We offset printed the cover (only 50 copies, which would normally be printed digitally),
  • put two coats of silk touch matte celloglaze on it, creating a soft touch feel,
  • applied a spot gloss UV varnish over all the non-leather elements of the cover (this was applied twice),
  • applied a high relief UV varnish to simulate leather,
  • embossed various elements of the cover,
  • hand case bound the books, and included a marker ribbon,
  • applied head and tail bands,
  • sourced and included special parchment end papers,
  • put brass corners on the outside front and back corners of the book.

The awards ceremony – the 30th since its inception – was held on the penultimate day of Pacprint 2013. Staged every four years, PacPrint is one of the largest and most significant trade exhibitions for the printing and graphic technologies industry in the Southern Hemisphere.

The award was presented in front of some 500 representatives from a huge range of printing companies from all around the nation.

The National Print Awards are highly prestigious, and much sought after. Winning this award is a real triumph for our commitment to quality, our creativity, and our project management skills.

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