Meet the team who will print your work

The team who will print your job has an enormous amount of experience between them. It is a highly competent team of people who work in a congenial environment and enjoy working with each other as a team.

Andrew Hingeley

Andrew had been involved in bookselling, publishing and printing most of his working life. Andrew is responsible for quoting, prepress, marketing, customer contact, the concept of an online printing business, the ideas behind the development of the web site, and the actual development of the html side of the web site (the easy bit), and the content of the site. Andrew is a cyclist, cross country skiier and Geelong Football Club supporter.

Alan de Jong

Alan has been involved in the printing industry for fifteen years. He is responsible for quoting, finance and accounting. Alan is a born again soccer player and a hobby farmer.

Amy Johanson

Amy has been in the industry for three years. She has a BA in graphic design, and is responsible for design and some prepress. Amy confesses to being a ‘shopaholic’. She keeps fit by playing soccer, and is a regular visitor to the gym. She also enjoys reading and ‘hanging out’ with her friends.

David Foster

David is a prepress expert, and operates the Xerox Docucolor 6060 digital press and the Duplo 5000 booklet maker. David is seen here setting up a job on the Duplo 5000 booklet maker. David enjoys downhill skiing and mountain bike riding.

Dragan Djuric

Dragan has been dedicated to prepress and design work for over twelve years. He started a prepress and design business whilst the Yugoslavian civil war was going on outside his window.

The photo is of Dragan and his son Jovan making music, one of Dragan’s favourite activities.

David Campbell

David is one of our four colour (full colour) press operators. He has been involved in the printing industry for the best part of 25 years. Here he cleans up the press prior to starting another job. David is a sports fanatic, an armchair cricket expert and a Sydney Roosters fan.

Wayne Manderson

Wayne is seen here operating our one colour Heidelberg GTO press. He has been involved in the printing industry for twenty five years. He is also one of our four colour press operators. Wayne enjoys cooking, and is a home brew guru.

Ian Slack

Ian is our finishing guru. He operates our guillotine, our folder and our scoring machine. He has been doing this kind of work for twenty years. John Leddin (not pictured), our bindery expert, operates the laminating, wiro binding and other finishing equipment. Ian enjoys playing squash.

Karen Maslin

Karen is the manager of first impressions. She is our administrator and front office person, answers the phone, does our invoicing and is involved with dispatch.

Kay Hingeley

Kay has been involved in bookselling, publishing and printing most of her adult life. She is our administrator, and manages our debtors and creditors. Kay is a cyclist and cross country skiier. She and Andrew enjoy cooking, especially bread.

Matt Young

Matt is a prepress operator, and operates our Xerox Docucolor 6060 digital press. Matt is seen here at the RIP of the 6060 digital press. Matt coaches a second grade Rugby Union team.

Tim Hingeley

Tim is our web site developer. He is responsible for the ‘smarts’ on our web site — the Abacus, the automated emails, images that change according to your choices, server configurations etc. Without Tim’s expertise, KainosPrint would not exist. Tim is a cross country skiier and cyclist.

Tom Webber

Tom operates our one colour and two colour presses, and has been in the printing industry for twenty five years. Tom enjoys spending weekends in the Snowy Mountains fishing.


Bronson is a Stafforshire Bull Terrier, barks a lot, cadges for food, and is very good for the morale of Andrew and Kay, who look after him during the day.


Alice is Bronson’s aunt, a much more docile Staffie than the boisterous Bronson. She also contributes to the enjoyment of life of Andrew and Kay. She was raised in Alice Springs, and isn’t too keen on Canberra winters.

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