Learn more about the NBN and its potential benefits for the printing and related industries

The following article, quoted in full here, appeared in the Print 21 newsletter dated Tuesday 18 June 2013.

Printing Industries and Media Super are joining forces to host a series of nation-wide free, early evening networking events in July, which will shine the spotlight on the Future of print and the impact of the National Broadband Network in a lively panel and debate session.

With a representative from the National Broadband Network (NBN Co.) and other invited local panelists, it promises to be insightful and controversial and not to be missed.

It is a chance for members of the print industry to show their enthusiasm and voice any concerns about the industry impact to an expert in the field who can also talk about how they can capitalise on the enormous opportunity the NBN will bring to business and communications consumers.

At this free event run 5pm-7pm, attendees will hear from Sean Casey, the NBN Co.’s broadband applications advisor,  who has spoken and written extensively about the topic.

In his role, Casey supports IT needs for enterprise businesses and government. He facilitates application development with a focus on delivering value through industry sector benefits; business, health, education, energy, government, regional development and local communities. He also presented a very popular workshop at PacPrint in May this year.

For Casey, the printing industry has many business opportunities that would be enhanced by the NBN including web-to-print systems, enhanced data transfer and hosting capabilities and the use and management of cloud solutions for clients.

“A better understanding of the benefits of the NBN will enable you to adapt your business to take advantage of the opportunities high speed broadband presents,” he said.

Garry Knespal, GASA general manager, said: “With both major political parties committed to the NBN, this is a hot topic that is of high relevance and interest, particularly to printers working in this increasingly digital age. This event is a chance to learn and ask questions.”

Dates and Venues (all events begin at 5pm)

Vic – Thursday 4 July (Mulgrave Club)n Melbourne

SA – Wed 10 July (Printing Industries Wayville office) Adelaide

WA – Thursday 11 July (Balmoral Hotel, Victoria Park) Perth

QLD – Tuesday 16 July (Brisbane International – Virginia Hotel) Brisbane

NSW – Thursday 18 July (North Ryde RSL) Sydney

To visit the Print21 Calendar for more information, click here.

To register, email Printing Industries Events at events@printnet.com.au
To find about more about these events visit Printnet.com.au (

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