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Kainos Print book wins gold medal at National Print Awards

KainosPrint is proud to announce that our customer, John Dwyer’s book, “The WOW Manifesto” was awarded the highly sought after and prestigious gold medal in the small business category, at the National Print Awards on Friday 24th May at the 2013 National Print Awards Dinner, held at the Palladium Ballroom in the Crown Entertainment Complex, Southbank, Melbourne. John’s book represents the epitome of the book printing craft.

digital printing

Organise your printing from the
convenience of office or home
24 hours a day,
7 days a week,
365 days a year

Access a complete range of high quality full colour printing via the internet. Use our hassle free, quick and easy process to get exact pricing in real time. Place your order, upload your files, and we’ll deliver your job to your door anywhere in Australia in a few days.

Your job is printed on quality equipment by highly experienced teams. Our process is designed to eliminate the possibility of errors. We offer small and large quantities, so you can order from just a few to tens of thousands. We guarantee our work.

We are adding very competitively priced NEW PRODUCTS constantly, so if you are revisiting our site, please check the list below carefully! We have just updated our docket books page (invoice books, receipt books, order books etc.) with substantially reduced pricing and more options. We have also just updated our jumbo postcard size making them bigger, a better fit to our envelopes, but the same price.

We have added ‘flexible’ and ‘volume’ options to our some of our products. Flexible options offer increased choice, production speed and often the opportunity to have a number of designs included in the price at no extra cost. Volume options don’t offer as many options and take longer to turn around. However the price is often considerably less.

We have recently added white papers on Digital Printing and Environmentally Friendly Printing. Access them by clicking here.

Click here to go the complete list of products we offer, or make a selection from the menu.

Our printing website is easy to use

This is an easy website to navigate around – the products and resources are always on the left of the screen, the prices are always on the left of each product page, and our logo is at the top of almost every page so you can always return ‘home’ or contact us. Products, resources and pricing remain visible and easily accessible no matter how far you need to scroll down a page. Wherever it seems appropriate, pages will open up in a separate window as an aid to navigation. You can easily have more than one product page open at once to compare prices. We have tried to make the ordering process a simple, logical, sequential process.

Our website is resource rich

Our site contains a vast and growing range of resources designed to inform, to educate, to prevent mistakes, to help you make your product better and to help you promote your products. Our introductory pages contain much useful information. We have a very detailed section to assist you in preparing your files. We have written (and continue to write) a number of white papers on various aspects of printing. There is an extensive glossary of printing terms. Once you get to the stage of signing off a PDF or hard copy proof, we send you a link to a thorough checklist to help you avoid signing off what you should not have signed off. All this information flows from a life time of experience as a bookseller, then a printer.

Our printing process is convenient

You can arrange everything that is needed from the convenience of your own desk. Restricting yourself to doing business during business hours is a thing of the past. You do business with us at your convenience.

You can place your orders whenever it suits you. In fact our experience has been that most of our business arrives electronically out of normal business hours. We often respond to it out of normal business hours too!

Order any quantity from a few to tens of thousands

We are small quantity specialists. Most printers, including online printers, only offer ‘offset’ quantities — that is, from 250 or 500 copies and upwards.

We are one of the most experienced digital printing organisations in Australia. We have been using digital presses since the birth of digital printing in the 1990s. Digital presses have very low start-up costs per job. Unlike conventional presses, they do not need expensive printing plates, and there is no need to ‘run up’ the press using hundreds of sheets to adjust colours. The job is usually ready to print after the second or third sheet. As a result, we can offer very small quantities for almost all our products.

We are also very experienced conventional printers, so you can price and order from 25 copies, and in some cases less, to 25,000 copies on our web site. If these quantities don’t meet your needs, you can ask for a custom quote.

We are quality printers

Our aim is NOT to produce printing at the lowest price no matter what. We are an online printing company, operated by highly experienced people who use top quality equipment to fulfil our aim which is to produce excellent printing, delivered on time, at a competitive price.

We are full colour printing specialists

These days the difference in the cost of full colour printing compared to two colour or black and white printing is not great. We use state-of-the-art equipment, operated by highly experienced staff to produce quality full colour printing. Full colour flyers and brochures attract people’s attention and spell QUALITY. Now everyone can afford full colour even if you need a run of just a few copies.

We turn your printing job around quickly

The printing industry and its clientele seem to have grown accustomed to long turnaround times for supplying quotes, sending out proofs, printing and delivery. We categorically do not accept this mode of operation. If you need a quote from us (that is, is you can’t find what you need on our online product pages) we will usually respond well inside 24 hours. Sometimes it may take a little longer if we need to sub-contract an unusual aspect of your request. Proofs will usually be sent out within 24 hours. Printing will be carried out no later than (and frequently faster than) the option you choose on our product pages. Your job will be dispatched the day it is ready. Try us, you will be pleasantly surprised (maybe completely bowled over) at the level of service you receive (especially if you have been used to dealing with conventional printing organisations).

Personal service — you deal with real people!

KainosPrint.com.au is not a remote and impersonal service provider that utilises an automatic telephone answering system to direct you the appropriate call centre. When you place an order with us, you will be dealing with real people who will be speaking to you on the phone and sending you emails throughout the production of your job. We take great pleasure in offering our customers, many of whom have never had anything printed in the past, a lifetime of experience to help make the process smoother, to avoid silly mistakes, to find ways of avoiding wasting money, to improve the product, to raise issues they might not have thought of, and so on.

You have complete peace of mind dealing with us

We know from our own experience that making a purchase on the web can be uncomfortable, especially if we are spending a lot of money and we don’t know the company. It’s all very well for us to make claims about how good we are, but you need evidence that your money is safe and that you will get a quality job before giving us your business. Here’s what we do to give you the confidence you need.

  • We help you to avoid unpleasant surprises by providing a comprehensive file preparation checklist to guide you as you prepare your job. Click here to see the file preparation checklist.
  • We help you (and us) avoid mistakes by using a stringent proofing process. When you sign off your proof, we provide you with a checklist of things to look out for when signing off a proof. We do not print a job if we think there might be a mistake on it (even if you have signed a proof off).
  • We use stringent quality control procedures to help us avoid mistakes.
  • Highly experienced staff use only top quality equipment.
  • Our web site is encrypted with the highest level of encryption available.
  • We think our products speak louder than our words ever could. We offer sample packs that contains a representative choice of the products we offer, printed on different stocks, and showing various coating options, and geared towards your particular interests. Fill out our samples request form, and we’ll send you our free sample pack. Click here to go to our samples request form.
  • Many of our customers have told us how happy they are with our work and service. With the permission of our customers, we put those comments we are most proud of on our web site. Click here to read a selection of customer comments.
  • We guarantee our work. Details of our guarantee follow.

We guarantee our work

If your final print job does not match the copy of the proof which you approved, then we will reprint your job from the your original file at no charge. If you prefer, however, we will give you a refund.

If we print something incorrectly and it is our fault, we won’t argue and try to shift the blame. In some cases we will need to get the job back again. In such cases we will email return instructions to you and often arrange the pick up. When we get your job back, we will reprint it at no cost to you from your original file.

Our services are Australia wide

We are a Canberra-based company, but it doesn’t matter where you are in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Coober Pedy, Darwin, Broken Hill, Mt Isa, Broome, Christmas Island, Warooka or Bundaberg, through KainosPrint.com.au, you can organise your high-quality full colour printing project without leaving your desk. It gives us particular pleasure to offer an easy to use service with keen pricing to customers in rural and remote locations, many of whom have had such a tough time of it recently due to drought.

What’s in a name?

Kainos is the ancient Greek word for ‘new’. Kainos does not mean ‘new’ as in a new pair of socks, or a new book. It DOES mean ‘new’ as in better than the old, replacing the old, heralding a new age. It is used if what is old has become obsolete and should be replaced by what is new. For the owners of KainosPrint, there are many nuances surrounding the use of the word, however the main one is that we are providing our customers with a new and better way of buying print via the medium of a new world class web site. We are also using the new medium of digital printing to produce much of our work, which creates new printing possibilities that were never previously available.

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