File Uploading in Safari 6.1+

Kainosprint uses a Java Applet to provide upload capability of large files.  The Java Applet provides progress as the files are uploaded ensuring a more reliable and user friendly process.

Safari 6.1 introduced a new layer of security for Applets on top of that provided by Java which means that the Kainosprint Applet must run in the older mode to upload documents on your hard drive to us.

If you are having trouble uploading files to us, you may need to follow these steps to enable the older mode of running Applets.

The screen shots below are from Safari 10, and differ slightly from older versions.

Firstly, ensure the page with the Applet is being shown (e.g. one of our job entry pages).

Choose Safari>Preferences

Click the Security tab

Safari Security Preferences

Click Plug-in Settings

In the panel on the left hand side, ensure Java is enabled and highlighted.

Enable Java Plugin

In the panel on the right hand side, ensure is highlighted, hold down the option key and choose Run in Safe Mode from the drop down menu to deselect the option.

A trust dialog appears

Trust Java Dialog

Click Trust

In the panel on the right hand side, choose On from the drop down menu.

A small icon appears to the right of the On item in the menu.

Java Plug-ins enabled for Kainosprint

Click Done

Refresh or re-visit the web page and complete the entry.


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